Success Coaching: The Power & Potentials

The ICMI Approach

How ICMI Adapts Coaching for Benefits


The Tradition approach of leadership & resource management no longer works…

…Coaching is the most realistic way to get ahead today.


The ICMI Approach is to firstly expose people to the power of Coaching, which inevitably makes them want to share this benefit and power with others, by them becoming coaches. Our differentiation from other coaching solutions and coach training organisations is that ICMI has a life-time support service programme for our coaches, empowering and developing their coaching skills to the zenith.


Most other coach training organisations simply provide you with the basic training programmes and leave you to navigate through the maze. For us at ICMI, your training is the beginning of a lifelong relationship of training, mentoring, resourcing and all-round support. We work with you through our network of coaches and mentors, helping you to operate at the top of your of your abilities.