Success Coaching: The Power & Potentials

ICMI 50 Vision

The overall vision of ICMI is to utilise powerful coaching, mentoring and related support services to create true wealth (value) for people, teams and organisations, through skills optimisation and resource integration.


This vision is reinforced by our belief that the greatest wealth resides in uniquely gifted people, and that the most realistic way to harness the “hidden wealth” is to skillfully integrate peoples’ uniqueness and diversity through capacity building and empowerment. And, that is precisely what coaching does. We therefore have a responsibility as a global coaching organisation to take this message to as many people as we can reach. We intend to achieve this, among others through the ICMI 50 Vision.


The ICMI 50 Vision is in two parts as follows:

  1. Establish ICMI in 50 countries of the world in five years.


  1. Train, Certify and Mentor at least 5,000 Professional Coaches in 5 years.